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US State & Territory Nicknames/Slogans (Which are your favorite? / least favorite?)

From these two wikipedia articles
State + Territory nicknames and tourism slogans (some of the following are meant to disparage the place it refers to):
American Samoa
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Northern Mariana Islands
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
US Virgin Islands
West Virginia
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List of Structures & Landmarks ( Fantasy World )

Structure / Landmark Names:
Abattoir (slaughterhouse)
Academy (+ alchemist, arcane, artificer’s, bards, healers, mages, military, naval, royal, science)
Ale House (tavern)
Altar (deity, element, power, environment, luck, magic, old one, outsider, sacrificial, spirit, etc)
Arena (+ gladiatorial, music, performance, racing, sports)
Auction House
Battle Ground
Black Market, Underground Market
Board (+ message, quest)
Boom Chain - harbor chain or river chain used to block boats. Operated from a chain tower
Bridge (Covered Bridge, Draw Bridge, Rope Bridge, Sky Bridge)
Brothel, House of Ill Repute
Burial Mound
Cache (+ pirates, rebel, smugglers, thieves)
Caer / Cair (stronghold)
Caravan (wagons)(+ merchant, military, nomads, pilgrims, prison, refugee, settlers, slavers)
Caravanserai (inn / outfitter for caravans)
Casino, Gambling Hall
Cellar (+ root, storm, wine)
Chain Tower - tower used to raise or lower a boom chain (harbor or river chain)
Circle of Stones
Circle of Wagons
Cliff Dwellings
Coach House
College (+ alchemist, arcane, bards, healers, mages, naval, of artificers, of science, royal)
Conservatory (greenhouse)
Convent, Nunnery
Corral (cattle, horse, livestock)
Covered Walkway
Croft (rented farmhouse & land)
Den (+ assassins, drug, gambling, hookah, opium, smugglers, thieves)
Dig Site (fossils, minerals, ruins)
Dock (boat, ship, airship)
Dojo, Sparring Hall, Training Hall
Drug (+ den, lounge, parlor)
Dugout, Pit-House
Dungeon, Jail, Prison
Embassy (+ country, race, realm, world)
Executioners Block
Farm (animal, crop, dairy, share croppers)
Fighting Pit
Flotilla (+ town, village, city)
Fort, Fortress (+ coastal, island, mountain, sea / wooden, stone, metal)
Fortifications (cheval de frise, moat, palisade, towers, trench, wall, wooden stakes)
Gallows, Gibbet
Gambling (+ den, hall, lounge, parlor), Casino
Garden, Gardens (+ crop*, flower, hanging, herb, mushroom, rock, rooftop, sculpture, zen)
Gate, Gates
Gate House
Giant (+ construct, golem, idol, mecha, statue)
Gibbet, Gallows
Grange - farmhouse & outbuildings
Grave (+ fresh, marker, mass, open, site, stone, vacated, yard)
Grave Yard
Grounds (+ burial, fair, parade, sacred, tourney, training)
Guard House
Guard Post
Guild, Guild Hall, Guild House
Hall (+ city, gambling, guild, mead, meeting, music, opera, town, training)
Hanging Tree, Hangmans Tree
Hatchery (animal, beast, monster)
Hedge Maze
Hookah (+ bar, den, lounge, parlor)
Horreum (warehouse)
Hostel (bed & breakfast)
House (+ bath, boat, coach, coffee, farm, guard, guest, guild, long, manor, opera, ritual, safe, smoke, summer, tea, theater, turf, winter)
House of Ill Repute, Brothel
Hut, Huts (adobe, cloth, earthen, grass, hide, ice, mud, snow, stone, straw, wood)
Jail, Dungeon, Prison
Library (+ arcane, great, royal)
Lift (wench & platform)
Lock, Locks (waterway)
Lodge (+ hunting, masons, medicine, porters, safari, secret society*, sweat, wardens)
Lyceum - hall for public lectures
Machinery (from bygone age or civilization / size – cart, building, town)
Magical Construct (energy construct, giant levitating crystal, moving sculpture, rune stones, sigil stones)
Marker Stone (border stone, boundary stone)
Market, Market Place, Market Square
Market Stall, Street Stall
Massage Parlor
Mead Hall
Messenger Pigeon Loft
Mews (row or courtyard of stables and carriage houses with living quarters above them)
Midden (+ heap, mound, pile)
Mine, Mines (coal, crystal [normal, magic], gem stone [normal, magic], guano, metal [normal, magic], mineral [normal, magic], salt, substance)
Mission (place for missionary work)
Moat (+ dry, lava, mud, quicksand, spiked, tar, water)
Mound (+ burial, ceremonial, midden, shell, temple)
Music Hall
Nunnery, Convent
Opera Hall / Opera House
Opium Den
Parade Grounds, Training Grounds
Parlor, Parlour (drug, massage, tattoo)
Pen, Pens (+ animal, monster, slave)
Pillar, Pillars
Pit (+ dwelling, fighting, monster, prison, slave)
Prison, Dungeon, Jail
Public Square
Pyre (+ funeral)
Quarry (crystal, magic crystal, metal, mineral, stone, substance)
Ranch (animal, monster)
Redoubt (temporary fortification)
Reflecting Pool, Reflection Pool
Road, Roads (cobblestone, dirt, paved / + abandoned, cross, main, rural)
Root Cellar
Ruin, Ruins
Rune Stone
Sally Port (secure, controlled entry way to a fortification or prison)
Sculpture (+ large, giant, garden, scale city model)
Sea Gate
Sea Wall
Sewer, Sewers
Shanty Town
Ship Graveyard
Shipyard, Shipyards
Shrine (deity, druidic, element, power, environment, guardian, luck, magic, old one, outsider, spirit, etc)
Siege Tower
Sign Post
Site (+ building, camp, construction, dig, excavation, grave, ritual)
Slaughter House
Sparring Hall, Dojo, Training Hall
Square (+ market, public, town)
Statue (Idol, large, giant, guardian, monument)
Steading (farmstead, homestead)
Storehouse, Warehouse
Street Vendors, Market Stall, Street Stall ( alcove, booth, cart, stall, stand, tent)
Sun Dial
Sunken (city, ruins, ship, temple)
Supply Post
Symbol (coat of arms, emblem, flag, ritual circle, rune, seal, sigil, symbol, ward)
Taphouse (inn / tavern with liquor on tap)
Tea House
Tent City (+ merchant, military, nomads, pilgrims, refugee, settlers, squatters)
Theater House
Totem Pole
Tourney Field / Tournament Field
Tower (+ bell, chain, clock, guard, peel, siege, signal, watch, wizard)
Trade Route
Trading Post
Training Grounds, Parade Grounds
Training Hall, Dojo, Sparring Hall
Tree House
Tree Town
Trench (+ spiked)
University (+ alchemist, arcane, artificer’s, bards, healers, mages, naval, of science, royal)
Villa (large country house / estate)
Wall (+ barrier, breached, city, earthen, great, inner, outer, sea, stone, town)
Warehouse, Storehouse
Watch Tower
Water Mill
Well (+ artesian, covered, dry, house, of magic, water)
Well House
Work Camp
Yurt (round tent covered in skins or felt, used by nomads)
Zoo (mundane, rare, exotic, magical, alien - creatures)
Structure Mods: (structure type + mod)
Architectural Influence - Arabic, Asian, European, Germanic, Mexican, Turkish, Fantasy Culture, etc
Aware - animated / sentient / genius loci / benevolent / hostile / mischievous
Built Over - ancient ruins, battle ground, cave system, grave site, magical nexus, mines, portal, prison, temple, tomb, well of magic
Dimensional Anomaly - structure appears in a fixed location. appears & disappears at certain time or during certain events
Ghostly / Out of phase - structure can be seen but is intangible
Magic - absorbing, amplified magic, anti-magic, cursed, divine, infernal, magically (sealed, warded), recharge mana, reduced magic, wild magic
State - ½ buried, abandoned, barricaded, burned, collapsed, condemned, cursed, desecrated, flooded, for sale, haunted, hidden, infested, leaning, overgrown, ransacked, recently excavated, ruined, sacred, sunken, under construction
Unusual Feature - clockwork, front for “x”, hidden by illusion, levitating, mobile, on stilts, shape shifting door
Unusual Material - crystal, earth, ice, living plants, metal, monster (bone, carapace, hide, scale, shell), pykrete (ice + cotten), resin, shaped stone
Wandering - structure occasionally moves to a new location / locomotion - deconstructs & rebuilds at new location, levitating, sliding, teleportation, walking
Administration - ?
Business - market, merchant, “x” industry, trade, trader
Entertainment - arena, opera, poet, theater
Leadership - council, palace, senate
Location - canal, (n, s, e, w) gate, harbor, hill, plateau, under town, waterside
Magic - ?
Military - garrison, soldier
New vs Old - old town
Religion - temple
Social Status - royal, noble, upper class, lower class, slums / platinum, gold, silver, iron, copper / diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, jade
What it’s known for - fish, of bells, spice
Guilds: adventurers, alchemist, artisans, assassins, bankers, bards, bounty hunters, caravan trade, couriers, courtesans, craftsman, demon hunters, explorers, fighters, mage, mage hunters, masons, merchants, mercenary, miners, monster hunters, monster trainers, peace keepers, relic hunters, thieves, thief hunters, tinkerers, trade, treasure hunters, warriors, witch hunters, wizards
Offices: archivist, barrister, city hall, constable, courier, guards, guild (type), harbor master, information broker, magistrate, money changer, money lender, port authority, public records, scribe, sheriff, town hall, transportation (dirigible / magic flying ship / magic portal / stagecoach / teleportation / train), wardens
Shops: alchemist, animal trainer, apothecary, armorer, artificer, baker, barber, blacksmith, boatwright, book store, bowyer, butcher, candle maker, candy, carpenter, cheesemonger, clothier, cobbler, cooper, curio, druggist, dyer, enchanter, fishmonger, fletcher, fortune teller, general store, glass blower, hat, healer, herbalist, incense, jeweler, leather worker, lock smith, magic shop, mapmaker, mask, mercer (textiles), metal smith (gold, silver, copper, pewter), miller, oil merchant, oracle, outfitters, paper maker, pawn, perfume, pet shop, pharmacist, potter, rope maker, rug shop, sailwright, seer, shipwright, spice, stone mason, sundries, tailor, talismonger, tanner, tattoo parlor, tea shop, thatcher, tinkerer, travel office, wainwright (cartwright), weaver, ward maker, weapon smith, wig maker
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Dungeon Living Quarters
Farming Village
Forester's House
Forest Shack
Fort Construction
Fortified Settlement
Garden Temple
Goldleaf Abby
Great Library
Green Bastion
Jodak's Mill
Jungle Camp
Marble Quarry
Monster Festival
Mountain Cottage
Mountain Monastery
Mountain Temple
Pirate Tavern
Rocky Harbor
Royal Museum
Ruins of the abyss
Sacred Grove
Sanguine Inn at night
Seaside Bastion
Serene Lakeside
Shrine of the Sanguine
Sky Bridge
Taxidermy Parlour
Temple above the clouds
The Cabin
The Fighting Pit
Titan Rigger Map
Travellers Guild Hall
Underdark Trading Outpost
Village Graveyard
Village Street
Witch's Cottage
City / Town Maps:
Anchorage Isle
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Coastal Town
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Port Abadon
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Sulari Capital
Swamp of Bullwugs
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Town of Tharg
Cities with backstories
Culture Generator
List of Environments & Geological Formations
tartarianarchitecture - architecture pics
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So tonight it was all pool with multiple added riders every time!
(What's so great about that?)
I'm glad you asked.
First pick up... Venetian to Golden nugget. A fifteen minute ride at most....girl and her German boyfriend. Headed to I 15 on Sands... (added rider), we now have to pull a u-turn in front of Sands Convention center. Back to 7-11 at Twain and Paradise. Pick up one... Drive back towards freeway on Sands... (rider added)... Another u turn, same exact spot as the first u turn. Back to Corporate Drive and Paradise... Pick up another rider... Back to Venetian to drop him.... (rider added). Go to TI and pick up rider... Drop (7-11 guy) at Spearmint rhino....everyone gets to wait while I get my $20. Off we go (rider added, Trump International) pick up Trump. Drop TI guy at Peppermill... Drop Trump guy at we go, get to St Louis and Las Vegas Blvd (rider added) round the block, and back to Allure.
Original Pax girl is now on the phone crying "Sorry we are SO late... Took a pool to save money " (lol)
Pick up at Allure takes 12 minutes (and I wait) .... Drop at the D.
One hour and 18 minutes later I drop off OP (original pax) at GN.
I know two tourists who will never use pool again!
Best part was the way TI guy smelled!
I had no clue pool would add like that. I thought it was 2 stops max on a pool... So delighted it went so wrong for them!
Funny, as I was pulling the first u turn on Sands I muttered "oh here we go" girl asked what I meant and I explained how awful pool was on the way to pick up pax #2
She believed me by the end of the ride!
Uber x from GN to TI full car... Ping to Mirage (pool) as I drop. Three drunk girls show up (I say nothing and start trip (Mandalay Bay) (rider added) go to Caesars...two big guys show up (no room) They go off about the lack of space... ("nothing I can do, cancel if you want") they did at 7 minutes (fee for me) (rider added) go to Cosmo...two pax again ("no room, cancel if you can't fit") they did, another fee.
(rider added) at Monte Carlo... Single rider with suitcases. Drop at Mandalay Bay... Single guy is pissed I didn't go directly to airport and is whining about how he will be late... Go up Koval, turn on to Trop (rider added) Pirhanna at Naples... Two drunk guys added.... Off to airport. Drop at Terminal 3, one of the drunk guys starts complaining he has to pee (rider added) ha-ha! Off to the car rental center. Pick up 2 and head to Henderson.... Get to Green Valley Ranch (casino) drop car rental people, back to freeway. Pax starts do the "pee pee dance" (I can feel him fidgeting as I drive...there is actually a footprint in my back floor carpet from him pressing down on the floor so hard with his foot)
(Rider added) now it's off to Sam's Town.... (pee pee boys are going to Wagon wheel drive) "dude, you gotta stop, I can't hold it anymore" he gets out and pisses right there beside the car in a Dotty's parking lot....i can tell it is upsetting Sam's town couple. I don't care. Drop them.... Drop pee pee boys.
Head back to resort corridor.... Ping to Sunset Station... Pick up two drunk girls (21 if a day) (rider added) pick up Mr smooth at an apartment complex. He starts speed dating them. All the way to UNLV he hit on them.
Drop the poor girls at apartments near UNLV... (rider added) back to the Fruit loop.... Mr smooth smoothie is joined by two screaming queens.... Tables turn and they try speed dating him.
Drop smoothie off in Chinatown... (rider added) pick up a very straight southern couple at golden Tiki.... Uncomfortable silence to palace station, drop off queens at Palace Station (rider added)
Straight couple talk about how violated they feel all the way to pickup at SLS.... Pick up an obvious prostitute... More uncomfortable silence. Drop straight couple off at Circus circus manor.... Drop hooker off in the Alphabet streets.
(another tourist who will never use pool)
Third pool trip.
4 Queens to airport... Pick up two older women with luggage (rider added).. .off to Artesian. Pick up two guys, drop them at Linq... (rider added) go to Caesars....wait 15 minutes for 2 drunk girls.... Off to Mirage (you mean it's next door) (and the opposite direction from airport) ...drop off (rider added) at Mirage, going to Harrahs (across street) drop.... Head towards airport (rider added) pick up drunk at Tuscany suites (rider added) pick up another at Hard Rock....go to Twain and Swenson, drop off Tuscany drunk.... Go to IHOP on Maryland parkway and drop off second drunk (rider added).
Off to pick up at apartments at swenson and Flamingo.... Going to Trop and Wilber. (women are complaining they have 15 minutes to get to airport)
Drop at Liberace Mansion....back to Trop.... (rider added)...back north to Harmon and Paradise ...pick up.... Drop at MGM signature tower to airport again.
As we approach terminal 3 pax announced they are too late.. Blames me.... Books a room real quick and has me take them to Hooters....announces she is going to sue me as I drop them ("give me your full name! " No you stupid twat, you booked pool, it's YOUR FAULT.)
Whatever... Fuck pool fuckers, they got exactly what they deserved tonight!
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Something Up Ahead

This event had happened to me in the late summer of 2011, early August if memory serves. At that time in my life, I was living in a small town in northwest Washington called Bow/Edison, a rural community south of Bellingham, north of Burlington/Sedro-Woolley, that was just off the Chuckanut Drive highway, and is easily one of the most beautiful spots to visit. Bow/Edison (essential two small villages which overlap one another, with Bow being somewhat sparse and dotting the landscape with isolated farming homes and Edison a bit of a hub village) exists in an interesting location, geographically speaking. In a matter of minutes, you'll pass through flat farmland, hilly forests, rocky and densely wooded mountains, and ocean front property.
I had recently completed a year at trade school, attending the Job Corps program in Sedro Woolley and had just got my first job for the Skagit Valley Casino & Resort. Sadly I didn't have much finances, only enough to cover rent for a room in an old farmhouse just off Chuckanut. This was lucky for me, as it was only a few miles from the Casino, which was just of the Interstate 5 and was a more than feasible ride on the handmedown bike I had procured shortly before graduating Job Corps.
When I started, I was a dishwasher, and one that worked the swing/night shift. Getting to work was a bit of a pain, the ride mostly uphill and along the windy Bow Hill Rd, but over time it became manageable. I had just moved into the farm house and was starting my second week when I had first came to regret taking the night shift. Sadly at this time I only had a cheap gas station flashlight to illuminate my ride home, which at night was made even darker since Bow Hill Rd cut through dense forested areas and had several twists and bends, making the ride harrowing in some instances.
My first ride home, at around 3 in the morning, had not gone well. Within minutes of departure, I had been attacked by an animal, which darted out of the underbrush and tried biting at my right leg. I didn't see what precisely lunged out at me, though in hindsight I'm certain it was likely a coyote or stray dog. Fortunately it didn't bite me directly, getting a mouthful of jean before I managed to kick the beast off and fly down the hillside for home. Needless to say, my first ride in the dark, alone, with barely any light, made me very apprehensive about future night rides.
The next few days found me very on edge when riding home, fearful of another animal attack. Since I wasn't familiar at that time with what the typical wildlife of the area comprised of, I was fearful of encountering Washington's larger and more aggressive predators, primarily black bears drawn to the sloughs during low tide and black berry bushes, and cougars. Thankfully, those nights were uneventful and overall pleasant, save for one particularly rainy night which made visibility worse.
Before I continue I feel i need to explain one aspect. Heading towards the casino along Bow Hill Rd, just off Chuckanut there's a small cattle farm which raises cows for artesianal cheese making (which if you're ever in that area, pick some up. Its amazing!). Bow Hill Rd at this point twists in a weird way, snaking its way through two oddly placed plots of land, with both sides lined with thick wild brush and a small copse of trees on one side, the other with the fencing and cattle enclosure.
As I was riding home, one a very pleasant and bright night (a rarity in the typically overcast region!) my ride home was going smoothly. I'd estimate it was roughly 2 am when I left work, and that since most of the ride home was just a pleasant coast down to the highway, my attention was mainly on the bends in the road and making sure not to drift too close to the uneven and gravely shoulders.
I had just made it down the hill and was making my way along the snaking portion as mentioned before which took me between the cattle farm and abandoned plot, maybe less than half a mile from home, when I saw something that to this day I can't say for certain what it was. Just as I was making the first bend, less than 50 feet ahead, I saw a large, dark brown or black furred figure stride across the two lane road and down into the ditch that separated the road from the cattle fence.
My blood had gone cold. Just in the faint and shitty beam of my cheap flashlight I could only make out a large torso, seen partially in profile and exposing what I can only assume was its back. I didn't see details such as the head, arms or legs, only that the figure that moved in front of me looked roughly 8 feet tall, and half that wide at what I can only assume are its shoulders.
In that instant, I shouted, certain in that moment that my worst fear of a bear attack had happened, and that all my instincts told me to pedal as hard and fast as I could. Between the shock of this figure suddenly appearing and moving in front of me and the fear of being mauled, I'm thankful I had the good sense to shout. In case you aren't aware, bears (black bears in particular) are easily spooked, and tend to flee from humans if they make a loud noise, unless of course they're mother bears with young nearby.
Regardless, I Lance Armstrong'd all the way home, grateful for the street lights on the highway, and managed to get home, though I ran as if I were being chased once I got off my bike and safely into the old farmhouse. I managed to get to my room, lock the door, and sat on my bed, holding myself and practically hyperventilating from both exertion and fear.
Now I'm sure some of you will ask: did you see a Bigfoot/Sasquatch?
I don't know. I truly cannot say.
I can tell you for certain what it wasn't. It wasn't a bear. Bears typically if they stand don't walk upright, and certainly not as fast as whatever it is I saw was. Additionally, bipedal bears walk very awkwardly, more like a waddle than something striding.
It wasn't (as far as I can recall) a vagrant. While it is true that the area did see some homeless traffic of people making their way north towards Bellingham, most of the time they traveled during the day, and almost always with carts, bags, or something. The chances that what I saw being a very tall homeless man wearing a full fur jacket in August (which even that late at night wasn't cold at all) highly unlikely.
So what was it?
I can say that, though I do believe in the existence of Sasquatch, I've never been able to say definitively what it was I did see, only that it was large, moved fast, and made me feel very helpless and more anxious for the weeks to come until I managed to transfer to the morning shift. Whatever it was that I saw, I never experienced anything like that again, at least when it came to encountering some unknown, large, furred creature walking across the road at 2 in the morning.
Was it a bear? Was it Sasquatch? Was it the tallest hobo with the most unusual fashion sense? I have no idea. Even to this day, I still wonder what I saw and if I was in any real danger. After I had shouted and booked it as fast as I could, the only sound I heard behind me was a sudden rustling of brush and a deep grunt, although in my adrenaline fueled flight its possible those sounds could have been caused by a cow near the fence.
But still, it doesn't explain whatever it was I saw that night.
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Las Vegas Is Betting It Can Become the Silicon Valley of Water

Summary generated by cruyff8's autosummarizer of
Inside is a fist-size hydrophone, one of 13 acoustic devices that listen continuously for the minutest of leaks along a miles-long pipeline that daily spits out 7.5 million gallons of water to hotels and casinos along the Las Vegas strip. Story Continued Below If Las Vegas is the most profligate place on earth, where chance is king and the future is routinely gambled away, it is also possibly the most frugal and forward-looking American city in one respect: water.Las Vegas’ focus on water—and the constant pressure on its supply—has driven years worth of public experimentation, establishing the area’s umbrella water utility, the Southern Nevada Water Authority, as a nationally recognized leader in water quality treatment.In a move driven in part by Nevada’s near-collapse during the Great Recession, the state, the city, the University of Nevada’s Desert Research Institute, the regional water authority and private industry teamed up to turn that reputation for water innovation into a catalyst for job creation.Technologies, for example, to remove nitrates from well water; that use drones to measure plant stress from the air to improve irrigation precision; or, as with those nondescript listening devices stashed along the Strip, to detect leaks before they can cause millions of dollars in lost tourism revenue.Commercially viable companies helped by WaterStart pledge to set up shop in Las Vegas or elsewhere in the state, which over time could bring a different set of jobs to a tourism-dependent economy that has experienced dangerous downturns in recent years.It was an artesian spring, now long drained, that first drew travelers here in the mid-19th century.At the time, that allotment of 300,000 acre-feet (one acre-foot is the amount of water covering one acre of land one-foot deep, about 325,000 gallons) was more than enough to satisfy a state with fewer than 100,000 people, and a population of fewer than 5,000 in the Las Vegas valley.That’s a highly unusual feat for a water agency, but it’s also a crucial water management tool: for every gallon returned, the city gets credit and can take another gallon out, and it’s not counted against its water allotment. Much of this is the legacy of one person, Patricia Mulroy, who arrived here in 1974 to study German literature at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, went to work for Clark County in 1978—home to the city of Las Vegas—and by 1989 was running the Las Vegas Valley Water District, the biggest water utility in the Valley.Charismatic and often abrasive, she was known alternately as the city’s Water Czar and its Water Witch, after a brazen move to buy up unclaimed groundwater in eastern Nevada and bring it to Las Vegas on a still-unbuilt 300-mile underground pipeline—an emergency reserve if Lake Mead continues its decline. “It was harder in the beginning, between being called ‘little lady,’ and ‘Patty,’ and ‘Chief Chick,’” says Mulroy, 63, who retired in 2014 and is now a fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Mountain West campus at UNLV. “You can mine their coal, and take their gas, but the moment you take a drop of water, they go insane,” says Mulroy, in an obvious allusion to her eastern Nevada groundwater project, which has been tied up in litigation for more than a decade.WHAT WORKS By Ben Wofford 2016 By Doug Sosnik The Friday Cover By Michael Hirsh A yearlong reported series from Politico Magazine , featuring innovative ideas—and how they spread—from cities across the United States at a time of unprecedented urban reinvention.
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Sole’renity Spa at the Artesian Hotel & Casino - YouTube The Artesian Hotel, Casino & Spa - YouTube The Artisan Boutique Hotel - Adult Only - Las Vegas Hotels ... Bull Elephant Explore a Nation: The Artesian Hotel Converting radians to degrees - YouTube Classic Christmas 2016 at The Artesian Hotel Santa Claus is coming to The Artesian

Book The Artesian Hotel, Casino & Spa, Sulphur on Tripadvisor: See 377 traveler reviews, 298 candid photos, and great deals for The Artesian Hotel, Casino & Spa, ranked #1 of 3 hotels in Sulphur and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. artesian casino Much like opinions, blogs are additionally good sources of data when in search of the best online casino bonus. If as a participant you're in search of the nice forms of on-line performs then often knock the door of the suggested enjoying websites of this portal. Probably the most profitable characteristic. It's open to gamers who gamble on the land-based mostly venues of any ... The Artesian Hotel, Casino & Spa, Sulphur: 377 Bewertungen, 298 authentische Reisefotos und günstige Angebote für The Artesian Hotel, Casino & Spa. Bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 1 von 3 Hotels in Sulphur mit 4,5/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Artesian Casino. Tribal Organization: Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma. THE ARTESIAN HOTEL, CASINO, SPA. 1001 W. 1st Street Sulphur, OK 73086 (855) 455-5255 (580) 622-2156. Casino • Live Dealer • Poker • Sports #1 Choice of U.S. Players! Mobile, tablet and desktop! $3,750 in Welcome Bonuses! BOVADA . LIVE DEALER + $3,000 Casino Welcome Bonus at BOVADA. News Headlines All Chickasaw Casinos ... Oklahoma’s favorite boutique casino, the Artesian Casino offers a vibrant and bustling location spanning more than 15,000 square feet and offering the latest, greatest and most exciting games. Try your hand at over 300 of the most popular electronic games or take in old-fashioned fun at our three classic tables. The Artesian Casino will reopen May 27th at 8:00 a.m. Please see casino website for details.. Come Play in Old Southern Grandeur at The Artesian Casino! Part of the elegantly restored Artesian Hotel, The Artesian Casino features over 280 vibrant electronic games for visitors to enjoy in addition to a variety of table games such as Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold'em and King's Bounty. At the Artesian Casino, we established a rewards program just for you. As a member of the Artesian Casino Players Club, you are granted exclusive access to games, giveaways and other great bonuses. What’s more, members of the Players Club are eligible to earn points on their Players Club membership card. For every 100 points you collect, you earn $1 of free game play. And don’t worry if ... Change room type for additional availability. code: player card information:

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Sole’renity Spa at the Artesian Hotel & Casino - YouTube

Skip navigation Sign in. Search The beautiful Artesian Hotel in Sulphur has much to offer for a comfortable, relaxing and luxurious stay. But, a trip to the Artesian wouldn’t be complete wi... How to convert radians to degrees and how you can use the memory on your calculator to help. Bedre’ Café is the new eatery right next door to the Artesian Hotel/Spa/Casino in Suphur. The café is a popular place to grab breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their best-selling item is the ... Artesian Casino, Sulphur, Ok 10/2016. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Santa Claus will be in Sulphur, Oklahoma! Join us for a Classic Christmas celebration for the whole family at The Artesian Hotel. Enjoy modern luxuries and old-fashioned elegance at the Artesian Hotel, Casino and Spa in Sulphur, OK. Join us for a Classic Christmas celebration for the whole family at The Artesian Hotel. Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph and our Gingerbread Workshop are waiting to entertain you in Sulphur, Oklahoma ... The Artisan Boutique Hotel - Adult Only 3 Stars Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada Within US Travel Directory Offering an outdoor pool, this ideally located Artisan ...